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Pete Tong Kennel

Think about your life, financial opportunities, and your regular schedule before Buying a Dog! It’s a choice of a lifetime!

“Men have forgotten this truth," said the fox. "But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”

 Antoine de Saint-Exupery quote

If you want a Pug or a French Bulldog, you have to choose from a good breeder and parents for a healthy hobby dog!

If you want a show dog, pre-sign up on a waiting list for the most promising natural looking puppy! We have a limited number  available on our waiting list!

We only sell  puppies   to the right place, pre-planned family circumstances with contract! The puppies can only get to the new owner after the completed vaccination program, with microchip, passport, KC Registration and a puppy pack.

You can not buy "cheap" dog from our Kennel, since we are the representative of  quality and  health  rather than the NUMBER!

For Christmas or for surprise gifts We do not sell PUPPIES!

Attention! Puppy farmers, dog vendors, please do not look for the contact!

You can find some pictures about our recently settled puppies on Our Pugs at Home page

The Litter “C”The Litter “B”Pete Tong Kennel pug puppies

Donald, Dumbo, Dopey, Dapne, Dorothy and Dale

already settled in their new Home

The Litter “D”

Frankie, Fiona and Fancy already settled in their new Home

The Litter “F”

If you are interested in one of our gorgeous puppies please Contact us

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter as well.

If you want sign up our waiting list please fill out our  Litter Interest form.

The Litter “I”

If you would like to sign up to our waiting list, please fill out the  Litter Interest form.

Cleopatra, Ceasar, Cicero, Colombus, Cromwell and Churchill

already settled in their new Home - look at them on the

Our Pugs at Home page

Buffy, Bumblebee, Black Betty, Becky, Bianca and Belly

already settled in their new Home - look at them on the

Our Pugs at Home page

Our last litter in 2015. Isa, Indy, Ike and Iron  all of them are in their final home. Ike bought by a breeder who want to follow this bloodline.

We have puppies -  2 boys

In the Litter ‘R’

The Dam is KOKO Pete Tong our two years old bitch

The Sire is CH Persik Bis Smak Bogdan

Nelson Pete TongNike Pete TongKing Pete TongNectar Pete TongNaughty Pete Tong
The Litter “N”

All of our puppies have found their forever home in the Litter ‘N’.

D.O.B. 30/11/2017

Reagan Pete Tong

He has the most distinguished and handsome Pug face, and is a very sweet and friendly little boy too. He is going to grow to be a stunner we are certain.


Ronald Pete Tong

He is a lovely boy, with a very sweet and warm face. He is also energetic, bouncy and fun loving and we think could make a fantastic family dog.