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Pete Tong KennelFrench Bulldog Puppy


He always keeps a straight face, and already achieved leader position in the litter.

French Bulldog PuppyFrench Bulldog Puppy


He is the most adventurous puppy of the litter .


He will be the talk of the town. Just look into those eyes and tell me you don't agree.

French Bulldog Puppy


She’s central fellow in the company and  always draw attention

French Bulldog Puppy


She was born with angel face.

Our Puppies in Their New Homes

"We are all crazy about ALISHA love her to bits and she now sleeps on our bed all night ha ha :)”

“this little puppy Erick is absolutely amazing he is nearly house trained does everything i ask of him follows me everywhere sits on command and lifts his paw to say hello how are you! “

Amigo’s new owner - Annette. Amigo’s new given name is Erick

“She's settled in really well, she's so lovely and affectionate and loves running around in the garden! She's adorable.”

Angel moved to Dixon and Leigh.

Alisha’s new home is in Aberdeen.

Shaun, Belinda and their daughter are a really “Dog Lover's Companion” The best home we can imagine for our dogs.

Adonis’ new owner is Nikki. He settled  in the house of Nikki’s father. He’ll live in a large courtyard in the companion of another dog.

“We found and fell in love with our forever little boy pug puppy from these lovely friendly people. At first we were a bit unsure of having an older puppy but this has been a lovely time as we could walk him straight away as all inoculations had already been given and training has been going great. His kennel name was Churchill but decided as a family he looked more like a Winston. We received great advice and guidance. We would highly recommend Pete Tong Kennel to anyone wishing to purchase a puppy and we may in the future visit again”

Churchill aka “Winston” with Sarah







The chunky pug girl


Our favourite pug girl

Our Puppies in action

Black Betty

She is the most adventurous puppy of the litter


The cutest pug girl

Ike The Rapt Attention with Edit


The first day with Woody

Isa after the long journey