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6 gorgeous, flashy puppies -two fawn girls and four boys were born with deep black masks. They are sired by Florida’s beloved fawn male, KillBill.

If you consider applying for one of the puppies, please write us an email.  You can read general advices about puppies social behaviour on our The puppy has arrived! Page.



If you are interested in one of our gorgeous puppies please Contact us

Florida and the puppiesFlorida and the newborn puppies in the whelping boxFlorida and the puppies on the 1st week

 Florida is not only the pretty perfect looking pug, but she is a perfect mother. We were ready 24/7 in the very first days assuming she needs our assistance - but she did her job .

Respect for her - she completed the task of a mother dog.

GreetingsOutdoor experience

It’s Summertime!

Next step in the puppies’ life.  The training begins. At four weeks old, our little pugs are playing with their litter mates, who are all learning what to do and not to do as far as proper pup interaction goes. This is also a critical time in our puppy's life because it's when their mother begins to wean them. Pug puppies can start eating regular dog food at four weeks old, in combination with mother's milk, until they're fully weaned. We went out and they marvelled at the outdoor life, the new smells, the new experiences…

Litter “D”: They are ready to go!Litter “D”: 1st WeekFeeding timeLitter “D”: 3rd Week

 Days go by.

One more week and their ears and eyes suddenly open. Just make some noise and they look for the source. Their sights more and more brighter following your moves. Florida has enough milk and the puppies are developing satisfactorily.

We happily recognize the similarity - the boys looks like KillBill and the girls as miniature Florida.

And it’s time for the first glamour photos.

Litter “D”: 4th WeekThe Curious PuppyGenius Pete TongGenius Pete TongGloria Pete TongGorgeous Pete TongGorgeous Pete TongGeneral Pete TongGeneral Pete TongGenius Pete TongGenius Pete TongGenius Pete TongGenius Pete TongG-force Pete TongG-force Pete Tong

We have only a boy available from the litter “G”

Sire to the pups is the beautiful CH Diamond French Kenton stocky male with great head and bone structure. Mother is our lovely Amelie Pete Tong. Our new hope is Grace and she will remain in our kennel.

Genius is an outstanding French Bulldog and will melt your heart in an instance. He has the typical loveable appearance of a French Bulldog, with his wrinkly face and strong body.He is the most comedic pup of the litter.


Our Puppies at home

G-force, Gorgeous, Gloria and General already have found their forever home in Paris, Somerset and London

Litter “G”

At HOMEGloria Pete TongReserved
Willow Pete TongRESERVED
Wendy Pete TongRESERVED
Winnie Pete TongRESERVED
Wilma Pete TongRESERVED
Coco Pete TongRESERVED
Xenia Pete Tong
Xenia Pete Tong
Xana Pete Tong
Xana Pete Tong
Xmas Pete Tong
Xantia Pete Tong

If you are interested in one of our gorgeous puppies please Contact us

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Sire: Maxim Gyalligeti

Dam: Chloe de la Maison Chambard

D.O.B. 04/10/2018

The Litter ‘W’

Xray Pete Tong
Xray Pete Tong
Xoto Pete Tong
Xoto Pete Tong
Xander Pete Tong
Xander Pete Tong
Xavier Pete Tong
Xabo Pete TongXabo Pete TongXabo Pete TongRESERVED

Sire: Maxim Gyalligeti

Dam: Grace Pete Tong

D.O.B. 14/11/2018

The Litter ‘X’